If necessary my house offers a safe place for your bike(s) during the night. Facilities for simple repairs are available.

Bike and train

Traveling with your bike on the train is possible in all dutch trains. You have to buy a special ticket for 6 € a day. With this “fiets” ticket you can travel all the country during the whole day. Available at all stations. Traveling before 9 o clock is not allowed but in practice this is no problem.

There are special places in most trains. A pictogram outside shows you where they are located.

If your bike is disassembled and carried in a bag, as luggage, travel is free
Folded bikes are also travelling free (Brompton etc)

Rental and repair

Bikes can be rent at most of the railway stations. Repairs are possible there too.
The address of the Delft NS Rijwielshop is van Leeuwenhoeksingel 40 A, phone 015-2143033. Email The price for a decent quality bike is 7.50 euro a day.

Better quality bikes (derailleur) are available at “Du Nord Rijwielen” Keizerstraat 27-29 Den Haag (Scheveningen), phone 070-3554060 Email


The 1: 300.000 map of the ANWB “Fietsroutekaart Nederland”, available in the most bookshops. shows the national network of cycle tracks. Good for an overall view.

The most beautiful and more detailed maps are found in a new serie, based on the topographical map, at a scale of 1:50.000 and almost one by province. (23 for the whole country. The serie is not yet complete, 2005 ). Price is 9.90 euro.
“ ANWB/VVV Topografische Fietskaart” . Special wheather-proof paper.
From abroad you can order them

For suggestions on your route, contact me